SCHAFTOL®, the leading quality product for gun stock care and preservation, is sold in a variety of colours and sizes in specialized gun and weapon stores, i. e.:

50 ml

50 ml SCHAFTOL® - bottle with dispenser sponge


500 ml

500 ml SCHAFTOL® - cans




For professional and industrial use, SCHAFTOL® may be obtained in cans of  5 liter. SCHAFTOL® is available in four shades:

Gold 50 ml Gold: is excellently suited to accentuate the texture of light-cloured stocks and to get an golden-yellow finish.  

Hell 50ml

Light: for light-coloured gun stock to prevent darkening

 Rotbraun 50 ml

Reddish brown: for gun stocks having a reddish tint


Dunkel 50 ml

Dark: for gun stocks made of walnut wood

 extra dunkel 50 ml

Extra dark: specifically for repair and colour restoration

These fife shades make SCHAFTOL® ideally suited for any oiled gun stock.