SCHAFTOL® Nothing but the Original

SCHAFTOL® originates from the house of "Jagd- und Sportwaffenfabrik Scherell & Co" - founded in 1834 - and was developed in the twenties of the last century by Oswald Scherell, Berlin, the leading Prussian gunsmith of that time, on the basis of his daily practical experience.

Berlin Potsdamer Platz
Berlin Potsdamer Platz 1934

SCHAFTOL® has for the many decades since then privileged acceptance by the large community of German and international hunters, by the owners of high-quality weapons and experts for treating and processing fine woods. It is by tradition and by conviction for the best results that SCHAFTOL® has been successful over the last generations.

The reason underlying this acceptance certainly is the fact that SCHAFTOL® consists of highly refined natural products of the very finest quality.

The brand SCHAFTOL® was taken over from F.W. KLEVER GmbH, the producer of BALLISTOL Universaloil, in 2006. SCHAFTOL® has been produced without any changes since then. Quality - made in Germany.

Our recommandation:
SCHAFTOL® is also ideally suited for treating other wooden objects, especially fine and precious woods, antiques and furniture.